My Family

My family come together only about once a year (this year is going to be a rare occasion… but more on that later). So I had to take pictures of the cousins, my sister and her family and my parents and their grandkids (my kids and nephew). Here’s some of my favorite pictures that came from an impromptu shoot…

Seussical the Musical, Jr.

I’ve had an amazing privilege of working with a great local theatre group over the last few years. This year is extra special because (1) they have hired me to become their two community relations/media manager and (2) my kids are involved (Sport started this past fall, and Sassy joined for this show). With this new role, I was able to design the program and poster:


And of course, I continue to update the troupe’s website. Can’t wait until the show premieres at one of the local school!

Merritt – Senior Portraits

Today, I had the privilege of taking a good friend’s son’s senior portraits. Merrit was a blessing to take pictures of, as he was a gentleman to his mother and me and listened well! Thank you for this opportunity!

Photo Locations: Garden of the Gods, Schryver Park (Manitou Springs), and Helen Hunt Falls.

Jazmine & Hannah’s 10th Birthdays

My baby girl and her best friend are both about to turn 10! So my friend and I decided to throw one last birthday bash until their next significant birthdays (for Jazmine it’ll be her Sweet 16, and my Hannah will be for her 18th debut/cotillion – i.e. her high school graduation, early birthday celebration). Part of the celebration includes a personalized magazine/guest book and personalized invitation. So we did a photo shoot to create said items; and their younger siblings, even got involved with it! Here are some of my favorite shots:

Sophia’s Quinceñera

This weekend a wonderful family celebrated a beautiful young lady’s 15th birthday! Sophia, an amazing person inside and out, created great memories with many family and friends by her side. I am thankful for her family for entrusting me with these memories, and want to especially thank her mom (Ana) for a great experience. A special shoutout to my helpers: Hannah, Jazmine, Jeremiah, and Briana.

Additional pictures: